• PCMデータの受け渡しに使っていた名前付きパイプを廃止し、専用設計のキャラクタデバイスを用いる方式に変更しました。このデバイスはXenomaiカーネルとLinuxカーネルの垣根を超えてデータ共有できるよう専用のリングバッファを実装したもので、Cross-domain shared bufferと名付けます。(カーネルモジュール名はxsink)
  • aplay-rt/RTDMドライバの改善を行いました。



v0.9.0β has been published.

Major changes from v0.8 stream are as follows;

  • The named pipe for passing PCM data has been abolished and an own designed character device is now used. This device is a special ring buffer implemented for data sharing beyond the boundary between Xenomai kernel and Linux kernel, which is named Cross-domain shared buffer (the kernel module name is xsink).
  • aplay-rt/RTDM driver has been improved.

Although a beta release is still unstable, please feel free to use it if you can troubleshoot by yourself and have a strong interest.
If drivers hang up, please try restart with forced-reboot command.

Please use support thread for problem report.